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Van Gogh - Terrasse des Cafés an der Place du Forum in Arles am Abend1.jpeg
Vincent van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night

Of all Van Gogh’s paintings, I’ve always found this one to be the most beautiful. The blending of colors and the way you can almost feel the warmth of the candlelight through the screen makes me feel safe and comforted.

That being said, I learned years ago that Van Gogh was an outcast during his life, and the people of his town weren’t very fond of him. Some were even quite cruel towards the artist. Knowing that and that he still saw the beauty of his town and the people and wanted to paint them despite the way they treated him stirs a particular strain of sympathetic sadness in me.

Every time I look at the painting, a get a sense of melancholy that accompanies the warmth I feel from the yellows and blues of the scenery. I’m reminded of the care Van Gogh had for his craft and how desperately he wanted to convey the world he saw around him to everyone else, no matter how they treated him. It moves me to try and be more compassionate and caring in my own life.



  1. christopherpeakshsu says:

    I completely agree with your analysis of Van Gogh’s painting. The creative use of mixing the melancholy blue with a more vivid yellow, indicating liveliness and the external world. From your analysis, I had the same thought on how Van Gogh was alienated from his surroundings, as he transformed his pain onto a canvas. As this painting invokes quite a European sense of calmness for me but possibly to him the beauty of this painting was to just be recognized or seen. Quite powerful and quite regularly only gets recognized after the artists death. I liked the way you described this painting.


  2. saraham97 says:

    I love your interpretation of this piece! To me the painting does a great job of portraying Van Gogh’s feeling of being within and without his community. The painting feels warm, yet lonely.


    1. megsimonsen says:

      Thank you! I think the painting could mean so many things and I totally didn’t think to talk about the loneliness he felt during his life!


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