The Two-Headed Calf

One night when I was mindlessly scrolling through tiktok a video highlighting Laura Gilpin’s Poem “The Two-Headed Calf” showed up on my for you page. At an instant I was hit with a wave of emotion that I still can’t pinpoint. I’ve read a lot of poetry, but none have moved me this much. The Beautiful object in this poem is, the two-headed calf. The emotion I felt might be something close to sadness but more like pity for the calf. I was moved by how beautiful yet simple this poem is.



  1. megsimonsen says:

    I remember seeing this poem somewhere, and I completely agree. I was struck with this wave of sadness, wonder, and just a bunch of other indescribable emotions. It’s a beautiful but very sad poem.


  2. hollypracht says:

    !!! I feel a LOT of things looking at and reading this. One is perhaps anger at the unfairness of it all…. Thanks for sharing!


  3. qwolfe says:

    It really is a sad poem. In very few words it explores death and the idea of what standards dictate beauty. Almost like it causes a moment of reflection to consider both themes in their extremes in comparison to personal identity and the idea of social standards.


  4. blakeslade97 says:

    This poem, even though incredibly sad and painful is also inspiring(to me at least). Even though the calf is a “freak of nature” he still is loved by his mother despite his affliction, not only that it focuses on the bright side, at least the sky is twice as beautiful.


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