My Fiancee’s Art

The thing I would consider to be beautiful is my fiancee’s art. I was considering what I thought was beautiful for some time, and then I realized that the thing I have considered beautiful for the longest time (aside from her). There is a lot that I get from looking at her art, and even though I might be biased because I see everything that goes into it, I still think she’s one of the most talented artists. The beauty of the art is a reflection of how she sees things, or her feelings.

She made this piece on her phone with her finger. It’s a Mucha inspired piece, however where Mucha uses women as his muse, she decided to use a man.

I got this tattoo 2 years ago for Halloween, it’s our favorite holiday. I’m not one to get tattoos of names or anything, however I felt like her art would be a good addition to my collage of work.



  1. zeldalov364 says:

    Wow first of all I just want to say that your fiancee is so talented! Those are really awesome art pieces! I like what you said at the end of your post on how her art is a reflection of her view on the world and her feelings. I can relate to this post, because my boyfriend is a musician and i often feel as though I can gain a deeper understanding of how he is feeling and the way his mind works through the music that he writes. Sometimes a guitar or a paintbrush can say more than words can. I believe that in all great art there is often beauty in the artist that is behind it, because after all the art is, as you said, a reflection of the artist!


    1. emmajune00 says:

      Just as in the review of Khant the editors note that the artist is a genius and must produce an object that fulfills the purpose of the particular art. I strongly believe that with every pice of art that your fiancé creates she is doing just that .


  2. kathydsimmons says:

    I think I like the one your fiancee created on her phone the best – but I can see why you would be enamored with her work I general. I’m impressed and don’t doubt that she’s very talented.


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