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Personally for me beauty comes out not only as an object but as a connection of people that are related or similar in some sort of way. As beauty in my eyes have to convey more than just an image or a meaning, but an actual emotion that either inspires you or initiates an impulsion of anger or even sorrow. In relation to my selection of an object of beauty, is my life long tv show that I grew up watching every Thursday night before bed Supernatural. As it portrays an emotional roller coaster depending on your view of that specific episode. The two main characters of this tv show Dean and Sam Winchester are the objects of beauty, that impacted my way of thinking. By this I mean, they repeatedly showed that no matter what circumstance the love for their family, friends, and each other is stronger than any demons, witches, or monsters they went up against. This is impactful in a way that it displayed a sense of honor and dignity to never give up. Furthermore, when I personally sense the feeling of throwing in the towel, I end up with an image of this show in my head telling me “we will find a way.”


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  1. kathydsimmons says:

    Love of family and friends is truly one of the most beautiful things in this life to me as well. I love that you have a show that pops into your head to remind you of that when things get tough.


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