Aesthetics class 9/8/21 Beautiful object.

The objects in question that I, personally found beautiful can commonly be seen yet are rarely the focus of photos and writings. I find the fleeting intricacies of decaying infrastructure, overgrown concrete and laminate ceramics of the recent decades passed to be most beautiful. It is because of the stories and evidence of time passed that I am enthralled with the consumption of human architecture back to a null. The chipped corners, warped faux wood, asbestos riddled popcorn ceilings, and every detail of places neglected and forgotten although with the best intentions. It is not an eros attraction to this, as I do not intend to pursue creation of this, but to witness and observe passively this active process between life and death.
This is important to why I’m actually here, in Huntsville, after all the town square and surrounding spaces from edges of campus to the depths of the hilled woods beyond the national park, that this aesthetic of neglect is witnessed. I chose this campus over other opportunities for many reasons, only one of which ended up being to be here to witness the march of time on the spaces around me that would have been beaten aback by maintenance crews and foot traffic anywhere else. Yes it is mundane, and furthermore maybe I am alone in my delusions of appreciation.


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