Blog Post 1: Death of a War Horse

Injured horse on a battle field comforted by his soldier

Horses lend us the wing we lack -Pam Brown 1928

This photo depicts a death we don’t hear about in our history books. The death of horses that were used in battles or wars.

I feel moved by this photo with empathy and appreciation for not only the soldiers that risk their lives to serve in wars or battles but also the horses used to carry their soldiers to their destinations. In this picture you can see that the horse is wounded badly, laying on the ground helplessly. The soldier is embracing the horse in his arms and lap, comforting the animal while it draws its last breath. While this is saddening for some to see, I choose to look at it in a different light. This is beautiful. This photo is beautiful because it shows that life isn’t eternal, you don’t live forever and your future isn’t always in your control. Life ends and you can choose to go out with dignity, and appreciation for the life you were given or hold a grudge against those who have done you wrong. While the horses didn’t have a choice in going into battle, he doesn’t hold it over his riders head. He doesn’t hold a grudge for what happened to him. The horse in this photo has his ears forward, which means that he is content. He has accepted his fate.

The soldier seems to feel bad for the horse and is trying to comfort it. Something that you can understand from just looking at this photo is that, the soldier and this horse shared a bond. A bond that goes deeper that what this picture shows.

You can also see that the majority of the sky is dark and clouded yet the middle remains pure with light and lack of clouds. Maybe symbolizing a life beyond the death, a heaven of sorts. At least that’s what I like to think it could mean.

This image allowed to me reflect on the fact that even in the darkest of times you can find closure and acceptance. You can turn to and trust those that you love when times are hard. It also reminded me that after a storm their is a rainbow and with the bad comes good. There is a future after death and death isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s part of life.

The reflection over this image allowed me to purify my mind with thoughts of the good. It reminded me to always look on the brighter side of things. That life is always moving forward.



  1. Alexis Derr says:

    This is such a beautiful notion that we cannot control our lives, but how we feel about the journey. It can be even less so when we think about the creatures in our care. Like the author says, the horse doesn’t hold a grudge towards its rider, just acknowledges that its time is ending and is content in being in his riders presence. Dogs also have a special way of loving their owner, not matter the situation. We as humans should aspired to live such simply beautiful existences.

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  2. blakeslade97 says:

    The unsung hero’s of countless, battles, wars, and conflicts, abused and expendable, horses have always been mistreated and then discarded once their purpose had been served. This painting pays tribute to the magnificent creatures while also displaying their gentle and forgiving nature and its grace in accepting death, truly beautiful.


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