Blog 1 A bridge in a memory

3 Best Bridges In New Orleans

For this Blog I chose the crescent city connecting bridge in New Orleans as the object of beauty I would reflect on, quite honestly when I first saw this project, and understood what it requested of me this is what came to mind first. When I was a little kid I would always gazed at this bridge from afar with my grandma an mom, accompanied by a strange sense of longing. Though the feeling of longing itself was not erotic to me by any means, To put a name on it the feeling of longing I felt was a call from within that desired the freedom that bridge represented to me, demonstrated constantly as it continued to bring people from one side of it to the other allowing them to cross unhindered. This bridge sparked in me a desire for freedom, to this end I do see a form of purification happening I think the purest form of this beauty is not the bridge itself but the sense of freedom it gives off.


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  1. debcort says:

    I feel that when we are younger, we tend to view freedom so far from us, as something that only adults have the pleasure to enjoy, however, that is not truly the case. Thank you for sharing your memory with us.


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