Blog 3: Art and Film

1. What do I identify as the primary way in which the movie intersects with Berger’s argument. As his argument was that art is revolutionary, there could be several ways. The artists that were featured all had something to say in regards to their own art or art in general. As well as how this shapes the art community or their life. But, the primary way, I would say is that the artists took their pieces and displayed them regardless of whether others thought of it as art or not.

2. To what extent should art be held ethically accountable? To what extent should art and capital be encouraged to co-mingle? I think that art should be held ethically accountable is when it depicts something that could pose a harmful effect on others or could be offensive to others. And, I think art and capital should be encouraged to co-mingle is when it is a reasonable situation like during an art auction or something similar to where the art interacts in a positive way.

3. I agree with my previous answer for number one. And I can see how it fits for number two. For artists who have the courage to put their art out in the world without caring if someone thinks it’s art or not is inspiring. As long as a person’s art can be presented in a way that could help motivate others. 



  1. haleykeith1 says:

    Hey, I like the intersecting point you picked up on. I thought it was so interesting to hear the artist’s points of view mesh so well with each other. They all looked so remorseful when they saw their art being sold or when in the middle of selecting paintings to sell.

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    1. anyecolbert says:

      Thank you for the comment and I’m glad to know your thoughts!


  2. emilyvaneaton99 says:

    Hi. We’ve examined so many different definitions of art in this class. I think I prescribe to the belief that you mention in your first paragraph: if the artist says it is a meaningful work of art, it is. But does this mean that every work of art should be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? I understand art appreciation, but it seems like the art market goes far beyond just appreciation. Are they buying/trading for the work itself, or are they doing it because they like the elitism that comes with buying an expensive piece of art?

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  3. Dalton Ferguson says:

    Nice work on this blog post, very bold claims of ethical and physical presentation. My question to you is gonna have to be given your stances on art as a medium are you willing to contribute to the cycle and “art ecosystem” yourself?

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