While there are plenty of beautiful poems to read, music to listen to, and paintings to awe at, nothing has ever been able to captivate my adoration as much as the beauty of nature herself.

In 2018 some of my favorite people & I packed our bags and went on a 3 week long rock climbing/camping road trip through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Every place we went to was absolutely breathtaking, but the place that had the greatest impact on me was Sedona, Arizona.

It’s hard to describe the way that Sedona makes you feel to someone who has never experienced it. The only word that can really do it any justice is sublime. The red sandstone rocks contrasting with the vibrant green pine forest and the cotton candy sunsets will leave you feeling wonderstruck.

Some people even believe that the enchantment of Sedona is so powerful that certain locations are known to be what’s called vortexes. A vortex is said to be a center of energy in the earth that inspires healing, self-awareness and spiritual awakenings. People travel from all over the world to experience these mysterious so-called cosmic forces. I know that might sound a bit too supernatural for some, but for me what it comes down to is that in Sedona the Earth feels so alive and full of energy that after you visit you leave feeling recharged and uplifted by the nature of its beauty.

“Nature is beautiful, because it is alive, moving, reproductive.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The personal impact that Sedona made on me is a reminder to myself that there is so much that the Earth and nature has to offer us that go beyond just photographs and words. Some art requires an in-person experience in order for you to get a full understanding of all its beauty has to offer. Sedona gave me a lust for experiencing nature to its highest capacity and to learn and grow from its flourishing energy.



  1. Alexis Derr says:

    This. Absolutely this. The magic that these photos and descriptions enraptures must only be rivaled by standing there in person. As a child, my grandfather and I would travel just like the author has in this post. Some of my most precious memories are of the adventure we had together, and the pure beauty of seeing places like this with a person I loved. The song just adds to the gratifying experience of reading this post. An amazing gem.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    1. emmajune00 says:

      I went on a very similar trip to Sedona, it was during Thanksgiving break my Freshman year of high school. I had just gotten out of a relationship with a boy who I liked a lot (what at that age I thought was love), and I was in a really bad headspace. I had been struggling with depression and SH for a while by that point and was actively trying to get better. I was seeing a therapist, and I just remember this trip being the start of a new beginning. I remember the night sky and the beautiful starts and just how enrapturing every moment spent there was. I remember the galaxy diner we ate at one night. I remember the taste of the tap water being full of minerals and tasting like no other tap water I had ever tasted. We went on the pink Jeep Tours, horseback riding through the side of the mountains and valleys, hiked along the Grand Canyon. I remember eating chicken parmesan and Caesar salad there and it being my first time trying those two things, and just fell in love with the both of them. I just remember it being a place I felt free, with no worry in the world, not a bad depressing thought crossed my mind while I was there. I resonate with your experience so much, and I thank you for sharing this Beautiful event in your life, because it brought me back to a place of pure joy and happiness. And that is beautiful. Sometimes its not about what you see but how it makes you feel and that is the thing that is beautiful. So I thank you for this.

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      1. zeldalov364 says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m happy that you found freedom in the beauty of Sedona! Even when i cannot travel i often find that just going outside for a walk is exactly what i need to cleanse myself from any negative emotions I might be going though. The healing power of nature is awesome!


    2. zeldalov364 says:

      My friends definitely added to the experience for me as well! There’s nothing better than getting to go on new adventures with people that you love!


    3. zeldalov364 says:

      My friends definitely added to the experience for me as well! There’s nothing better than getting to go on new adventures with people that you love!


  2. kathrynchuc says:

    I love the fact that you included pictures as well as sound. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! You are so lucky that you were able to travel and experience that! I agree that some art just has to be experienced. Sometimes you can’t simply stare at something to call it beautiful, you have to taste it, smell it, and hear it as well. I hope you get to go back to Sedona soon!

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  3. zeldalov364 says:

    So yeah, I clearly have no idea how to use this website and don’t know why my comments are acting weird. I was going to try to respond to everyone, but for some reason the responses are only going under Emma’s comment, and i can’t delete any of them so i’m going to stop trying…just know the effort was there lol


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