Beauty in Games

The aspects of a Zelda game are huge, you explore, gather items and tools to use, the stories of the game drives you along as you search for the master sword or battle with Ganon. All these aspects could be considered beautiful but there is one that truly captivates it all, and it’s the music. Now while I only choose one of the “MANY” songs that play in the background while you are playing all I would consider to be beautufuil but compared to the “Great Fairy’s Fountain” none compare.

Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme” makes a great interlude before the Twilight Princess movement, which may be the least memorable, but remains an excellent piece, heavy on vocals and with a powerful middle segment.” – Kyle E. Miller . As stated by Kyle the Great Fairy Fountain is a great piece, while he prefers other pieces in this re-orchestration of the classic 1998 game soundtrack. Kyle fails to identify the simplistic beauty at hand, as you listen while reading this and I listen while writing, the music takes hold of you. Kyle “appreciates” it but I can use my Judgement to determine that this is beautiful.

Now how I got to this conclusion to see if it was truly beautiful was done before even I knew it was in a video game. Now the Zelda Series and its music has been huge since the 80s but I came into in from just few snippets of sound. One being this Great Fairy Fountain theme and I was entranced. So with all “a priori” knowledge I was able to judge it on a clear mind with no bias. “The beautiful pleases immediately (but only in reflective intuition, not, like morality, in its concept). (2) It pleases apart from any interest (the morally good is indeed necessarily bound up with an interest, though not with one which precedes the judgment upon the satisfaction, but with one which is first of all produced by it).” (Kant, PAB, pg 342). As soon as I heard this song, I belive when I was 14, I had to find a source and also add it to almost every playlist I have, it captured me and still does with its serenity. I played the old game and the new because of it, but even without playing those games I can still listen to it.

Now some might say that prior me finding out that is was a video game soundtrack might further influence my love of the long and any rendition of it. Which would be a good point I grew up playing on the Xbox and Wii, and now that I have a decent computer I can download these old games and play them over and over. Which would be a fair argument if only including the knowledge that I found this beautiful piece without any knowledge before hand of it being a Zelda games core soundtrack. I cannot answer for sure if it changed my mind about it, I cant erase my past and experiences like the dream human brain of Kant can do, so I am stuck with it. Would I change my mind about the piece at all now coming to terms with “maybe” some prior empierce in the video game field.. No, no I would not just as most of you consider the art you choose to be something that you consider beyond all beauty, this song hits deep and takes me with it.

If you ever the chance, just turn on any Zelda soundtrack and become immersed if you hadn’t in the music and its beauty, then maybe try the games and take in their beauty as well.


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  1. emilyvaneaton99 says:

    Hey, Gabriel. I completely agree with you that the music in the Zelda games is a work of art! While I won’t pretend to be a gamer, I will say that I grew up playing Twilight Princess, and though I never finished the game, I have fond memories of playing with my siblings. I love the fact that you decided to talk about a video game. I feel like gaming is often stigmatized as people being lazy or brainless when video games can actually be very mentally stimulating. There are many hours that go into creating a well-crafted video game, including its soundtrack. Games can be works of art, too.


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