Blog2: Blossoming Almond Tree

Blossoming Almond Tree, by Vincent Van Gogh 1890
  1. The artwork I decided to present is Van Gogh’s “Blossoming Almond Tree”. As most know, Van Gogh struggled with mental health among other things, yet had a strong and deep love for his brother who he was monetarily dependent on. During this time, he was staying at the Saint Paul Asylum in Saint- Remy, France with the thought that within a years’ time he would get better and be able to continue his life with newfound success and happiness. Upon hearing of the health birth of his nephew, who was named after him, he immediately started on a painting for the family to hang in their bedroom. He got his inspiration from the Japanese prints that he admired, creating a dynamic and modern composition yet remaining a recognizable Van Gogh painting.
  3. My chosen work would apply to moment 1 of the judgement of taste. Moment 1 requires the viewer to look at the piece of art aesthetically and determine if one finds pleasure or displeasure with the art. When I first came upon this painting the first feeling I felt was calmness or peace and the second feeling I got was curiosity or wonder. The way the branches of the tree go in and out of the frame reminded me of a moving ocean and led me to wonder about what might be in the surroundings of this tree if Van Gogh had painted a bigger landscape. I reached the conclusion that I hold this art piece with the feeling of pleasure.
  4. A critic might claim that the painting is dull or boring when compared to his other works due to a lack of scenery or detail. This representation would call for it to be perfect. Yet moment one is not asking about the perfection or quality of the work but the feelings within the observer, so picking out details in this nature is not in correlation to Kant’s moment 1.


  1. anyecolbert says:

    Great post and I can relate to how you felt calmness or peace whenever you first looked at the painting! It is indeed an image that brings pleasure to me!


  2. jaylachambers says:

    Your post is great and I like your choice of artwork. I am familiar with Vincent Van Gogh artwork that’s very dark, eerie or gloomy. The Blossoming Almond Tree is very different from that and present a more calmer, softer side to him and his work. The art piece is relatable to moment one with the judgment of taste. Anyone can look at the piece and connect to the work and even the context with Gogh’s nephew.


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