The Price of …

Blog 3

As in my last blog, being a film student, you get to see a common trope in a lot of movies that show something is priceless, whether it be physical or emotional, and throughout the movie it is either found or the person moves on from said conflict. The conflict of ”The Price of Everything” is of course easy to see the comical side and how stupid easy it is to just buy something that you don’t want but find pride in because it is considered valuable art. Some might say that art is invaluable because if the artist’s work is so rare and how much it is going for. Berger’s work show’s how much influence the rich have over art.

There seems to be so much greed in the world to have something that someone else doesn’t just for the flex. Like George Condo who works with the illustrious/egomaniac Kanye West. Both work symbiotically to get each-other’s art to the point where many singers would want Condo’s work as their cover art. Now with new ergonomics in art, like NFT’s, Commission art, and even live art, all pose a change to the world around us. The more we adapt, the more the art that is distributed out into the world. It not only affects our economy, but the physical environment because of how much technology is taking over.

From my standpoint I would like to say that there is a commonality in the film and in the text that Berger indicates how the art world is and its major influence. Do I feel like people shouldn’t be able to take art for them to just keep it in their houses for them to hoard, no. Does my opinion matter in this situation, no. Would I like for art to be treasured by everyone for the sake of knowledge and inspiration? Absolutely!


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