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A poem from the book Milk and Honey, by, Rupi Kaur

My beautiful object is this poem by Rupi Kaur. When I first read this poem it was shortly after I had finally gotten out of a toxic relationship, the kind of relationship where you love them but they don’t love you but lead you on. The poem moved me to feel sad and angry, because I was still healing and moving on and this poem had reminded me of him. Yet the impact of these feelings pushed me to realized that the relationship ending was not my fault, even though I had felt like it was. After reading more of Rupi Kaur’s poems, I started to feel better about my situation and less alone. The beauty and sadness portrayed in this poem had a real impact on me.



  1. I think it’s great that the poem was your first step in a journey of emotional healing, that really is beautiful.


    1. emilyvaneaton99 says:

      Poetry has always been a little lost on me. I’m a very literal person, so it’s hard for me to appreciate an abstract piece of art such as a poem. Of course, some are more straightforward than others. I love the one you’ve chosen, and I think you are very strong for having gone through what you did.


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