Blog #2:Stevie Wonder “As” & Kant

Art of choice:

Stevie Wonder “As” from Songs in the Key of Life (1976)

Critique/Analysis on As:

In Just a Blog by Clifton on “As” by Stevie Wonder, argues that the song is an exemplary work of art based on what the bloggers interpretation is of the song. The heart of Clifton’s argument of their interpretation of the song is that it connects universal concept of love that can be relatable to anyone. The lyrics are “about the genuine and undying love from one person to another”.

link to blog:

Kant’s Second Moment

In summation, Kant’s second moment argues, “the beautiful is that which pleases universally without [requiring] a concept (pg 293)”.

My chosen work of art, “As” by Stevie Wonder exemplifies the key element that is argued through Kant through the universally connection that love has to others without being tied to a specific idea/concept. I would argue that the lyrics itself, that make up the song can be applied and relevant to anyone. The song itself isn’t tied to one idea of love or what love is as a simplistic concept.

A possible counter argument that someone might disagree with my object is how the song itself can be applied to love and if the song shares just a narrow perspective on what love is. Since the song is written by one person, Stevie Wonder and speaks in metaphors about love, one can feel as if the song is limited to his perspvctive on love and not universal to everyone. Others can have a diffrent perspctive on love and not find “As” relative and subjective to what they view love as.

I would answer that objection by saying the song itself, a work of art, music like many works of art is subjective. The way people connect to music, they way they interpret the lyrics and how they apply those lyrics and the music can all differ. One’s perspective should not be tied to one’s own nor should it be looked as being limited to one’s view. Complexity can exist among perspectives, concepts and interpretations. “As” is not written to be looked as what love is or should be but can relate to how others view love and their deepness of it to others. My objection doesn’t change my own asseemnt of my chosen work of art because I feel as if the piece of art can be applicable to everyone and universal to how love is a thing that can connect to any and everyone.



  1. emilyvaneaton99 says:

    Hi, Jayla. I love the fact that you chose to showcase a song. I haven’t heard this one in years – thanks for bringing it to my attention again. I agree with you and the blogger you quoted. The song is not speaking of his specific experience with love, but rather the general experience of human existence. Great job.


    1. jaylachambers says:

      Thank you Emily and your welcome! ‘As’ by Stevie Wonder seems to speak about how everyone can experience love and connect to it as a universal experience.


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