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SR-71 Blackbird

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I have always found airplanes to be beautiful. Each plane beautiful in its own distinct design and form. That being said, no plane has moved me by its beauty more than the SR-71 blackbird. The first time I saw it, I was just simply in a state of awe. To me, the blackbird was and is the pinnacle of everything that I find beautiful about airplanes. It has an unparalleled majesty in its design. The impact it had on me was that I immediately needed to know everything there was to know about it. Truthfully, it was a lustful feeling. The more I learned about the blackbird the more enthralled I became. To this day I can not get enough of this plane so I believe that a purification has not happened.


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  1. kathydsimmons says:

    I must say, airplanes aren’t generally by thing. ;). But that really is a stunning picture and the plane looks beautiful to me too. 🙂


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