Blog number 2 -Felipe Orlando-

This is a painting by Felipe Orlando. It is called the string trio.


Sadly I spent hours looking for a journal, magazine, or even a youtube video about anthing. I searched for not only the painting in not only english but in spanish, I did thins because Felipe is a cuban artist, and I thought that maybe it would bring something up. I also search for him apart from the paintings, but it never led me to what I needed.

The only piece of information I found was through a gallery that is in fact selling this piece as we speak. It is and they say, “Felipe Orlando (1911-1995), one of the distinguished members of the second generation of the Cuban avant garde, had a long and fruitful artistic life that spanned over fifty years of creative activity. In half a century, the artist presented over sixty one-person shows and participated in many more group exhibitions.” But there is almost nothing in it about the art.

When I look at this piece I see efortlessness. The flow of lines and color seem to blend and there is no effort behind it. In my eyes I do not see what may have been months of planning and work. Kant writeson page 295 section 11 that a piece is not supposed to convey effort or purpose and if it does then the piece is “trying too hard” and immediately loses all meaning. Also he writes that if the observer ,if aware, canmake it lose that meaning. These are part of his third movement, and help discribe the judgement of taste.

One may try to argue and say that any *true* art enthusist will be able to pinpoint and appriciate the effort someone puts into an artwork. They may argue that it is childish to sit and let the art works swarm around and absorb your attention.

But I, and Kant, fight this thinking. If a well decorated artist can walk into an exibit and sigh in relief that there is no “higher meaning” or I an unknowing and uneducated person (when it comes to art) can exclaim the simplicity and how that makes me feel happy and calm means that that artist has followed a part of the third movement. They hav made something with tons of effort look like nothing for both the talented and the newer observers.

Going back to Felipe. To me his art does this, and I am not sure how Kant would feel about the fact that I am aware that Felipe’s art does this. It is sort of a contradiction, but I will skip that for now, I picked the string trio because when looking at his portfolio and specifically this gallery photo my eye is always pulled in it’s direction. I cannot look at the whole photo without my eyes wandering over to the deep reds and light oranges. They never notice the blue until they are up close. I do not think about how Felipe felt while he panted it. I do not care about the blood, sweat, and tears he gave. I only care about the void I feel and the curiosity that I very veauely have that is quickly squashed. When I see what I understand as beautiful art I feel nothing. I feel like I am stuck in one of those sense depriving tanks.


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  1. megsimonsen says:

    I totally agree with what you’re saying in this blog post. When I first saw this piece, I couldn’t look away, the colors mesh so well together and really evoke something within you. It took me a second to notice the blue, and I think that adds to the beauty and interest of this painting as well.


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