The Beauty of Nothingness

Best to let the video play while reading.

The idea of nothingness, if thought of as something that encompasses all and yet is nothing, is very provoking to me. I am moved by this idea of nothingness as an absolute; as if there were no structures, no people, no thoughts or emotions, no perceptions or beliefs, just nothing. The ability to perceive is what strikes our various senses and so I present a concept of what that would look like and sound like. But that in itself would not make any sense. To use the means of things that exist to describe and demonstrate something that is nothing. At first this brought forth a sense of dread, fear, and loneliness because it removes all of the characteristics from one’s life and identity. 

Even understanding that this idea of nothingness would in turn also wipe away one’s stress, the fear, and thoughts of isolation; it can still be an uncomfortable thought process when thinking about what it would even mean to accept “nothingness” even as a thought experiment. This can resemble the idea of Nihilism as branching into the thoughts of life having no meaning. However, the beauty I see in just playing with the idea of nothingness is the greater appreciation towards the things that you do have. It enhances my perspective in how I view what I have and what I am capable of in the present. The beauty of this is so powerful to me because I cannot even fully understand what absolute nothingness would look like and so I have to draw on what I would imagine it to look like.

In some way, my idea may be similar to someone else or maybe not at all. For some perspectives, this idea of nothingness could manifest into something similar to that of the unknown, bringing even greater emotions forward. There is a chase towards this desire to understand something that I might not be able to understand, and yet that chase continues. I think just being able to engage in the idea of what that could look like allows me to reflect on the possibilities held within my own life. Almost like glancing at something for just a moment, just enough to understand how important that feeling is. That itself is beautiful to me.       


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