Blog 2: A moment of Ohnim

Ohnim Hiding 2

Hiding 2 by Ohnim Printed Leather Jacket

1. A piece of art that I find to be beautiful is a painting called Hiding 2 made by Ohnim, whose real name is Song Min Ho, a South Korean rapper underneath the stage name of Mino. He is a member of the South Korean boy group, WINNER, underneath YG entertainment. Although he has been a musician for the majority of his career, he finds that he wants to be a true artist after he had begun to draw as a hobby and decided to transition to painting. The reason I find this painting beautiful is because he painted a representation of how his life is, that he has to hide how he feels and uphold an image.


3. My chosen work would apply to moment 2 as the painting has different types of validity among others in which one can have a different interpretation or have a dislike towards the piece. How someone could disagree with the meaning of the painting is that they could say rather than his status as a celebrity that makes him hide things, such as his emotions, they could say that he is hiding something else other than his emotions. I would answer to them that everyone is free to interpret the piece that goes against the artist if they deemed it to be. It could change my assessment of my chosen work because I could think about that person’s idea behind the painting versus those of the artist. 



  1. alexarushnova says:

    Hello there,

    When I look at this photo and I examine the jacket with his artwork, I was at first not interested and I judged it in a negative way because it does not appeal to my emotions or what I like, such as my own taste within life. But, as I studied it some more and read your explanation, I can agree that this is “a representation of how his life is, that he has to hide how he feels and uphold an image.” Therefore, as with my own interpretation, I can turn my feelings off and dive into his and see what he is inferring. I now can respect and understand the story he is telling through his artwork. At first glance, I did not like this, and then after reading and really looking at the picture more, I can feel his honesty and vulnerability, which is truly beautiful.

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    1. anyecolbert says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you were able to put his perspective into mind!


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