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Berger’s Story

This is a very beautiful scenery. It encompasses majestic and peace and relaxation in a very natural matter. This scenery was chosen because the trees are being mimicked by what is being shown in the water. This image shows the trees seeing that the water is there and as a favor to the trees the water is showing the trees reflection. This relates back to Berger’s idea that to see is to also know that one is being seen. The trees are standing broad and beautiful and the water is capturing the look the trees are creating. I chose this image because I think it embodies Berger’s statement that soon after we are able to see, we are aware that we too can be seen. Literally Berger can be saying that what we watch can be watching us. However, I think what Berger is saying is that all objects and items have a visual representation that is upheld and carried. Like in the Lion King, when Simba looked at the water and the water looked back at him. The water helped Simba realize who he was in the animal kingdom. That movie relates back to Berger argument of being seen by other objects. It depicts the relationship of objects being tied to their natural beauty and how it is carried into the world.


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