Books, and words

There are a lot of things written, novels, poems, the dreaded textbook, the most boring of articles, etc… But for most of the educated world we can read our base language and the options of translations are endless. We are all connected by these strange little assortment of letters. Books and words connect us beyond time and language, and for the most part are easily understandable. I never really thought of this before entering college, books were just assignments or last second reading of SparkNotes before a quiz. But it just takes one hook to bring you in. And that hook was Sci-Fi, Fantasy and especially ones written by Brandon Sanderson.

Now this collection of just 383,389 words conveyed to me a story, one that in which I could relate to heavily. If you are familiar with the series, or the writer than you understand the themes of his characters focusing on the wider picture or on the deepest human emotion. Kaladin is severely depressed for everything he does just leads to death of those he loves, Shallan is anxiety ridden, and Dalinar is forced to face is dark past after hiding from it for so long. The balance of these characters and their issues is what drives the story, and throughout this book (and the 3 after it) we see our characters and connect deeply to them hoping they win the external bigger battle, but hoping deeper they conquer the issues inside. Ones that we face outside of the words of the page, no one on earth is going to have to deal with fighting Parshman in the Shattered Plains, but we will deal with lose and depression. And I saw this right of start, so I just read more, and more of different authors and different genres and these books and things are how we as people connect. Some will directly tell you how they feel through poems or blogs, but some will make you search and will have us find out what they feel.

“Do You Know The Words”– Ari Ibarra

For the final part of this assignment, I didn’t know what to put that impacted me. I could spoil the whole book on here and reveal every extremely thought out plot twist, but that would just take away any enjoyment or intrigue of anyone reading this and deciding to take the trip that so many have made to read these books. Books and words are great because as long as you are able to let go of this world and really delve in deep into someone’s creation, your mind sours and becomes more creative because of it, you start to ask a lot of “What If…..?” and your imagination will explode because of it.



  1. anyecolbert says:

    I loved your post! As a reader myself, I always loved diving into someone else’s world and falling in love with the characters along the way. Words and books truly have a way of connecting us to something!


  2. akn018 says:

    I did not always like reading until like you I discovered my hook which was science fiction. Science fiction has always sparked my imagination and has made me ask myself the what if question. I personally like Kim Stanley Robinson, he writes about climate change in a science fiction way. The science fiction lies primarily within how we attempt to solve the climate crisis. I liked when you said, “And I saw this right of start, so I just read more, and more of different authors and different genres and these books and things are how we as people connect.” because the beauty behind the books is what is connecting us.


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