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Aesthetics at Sam Fall 2021

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Blue and Yellow (1932), Oil on Canvas, Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Now that we have begun our work on Kant’s Critique of Judgment, we are beginning to understand what, for Kant, constitutes a judgment of the beautiful.

Focusing in on one moment in the judgment of the beautiful (of your choosing) select an image of art*** – it can be a painting, a sculpture, an installation, a film still, a short video, a piece of music, etc. – and make a case as to why the work of art you have selected could be declared to be beautiful by a judgment of taste (of course not everyone will concur, For Kant it is always a question of whether you, the one who presents the work, could demand that they ought to). Your response must:

  • present a selected work of art that…

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