Requiem for a Dream


Imaginatively evoking the inner landscape of human beings that long to connect, to love and to feel loved. This film is a parable of happiness gloriously found and then tragically lost. "Requiem for a Dream" tells of a parallel of stories that are linked by a relationship between a mother obsessed with losing weight and her dangerous diet regimen and her "sweet but aimless son" with a drug addiction that is spread between his lover and friend. 

The beauty of this film to me is the aspect of addiction. Though with most cases of addiction, it ends badly, however there’s just something different about the way that the characters in the movie show how they’re suffering with said addictions and what they do find a fix.

This movie does NOT hold back and punches hard. It’s extremely graphic and too real.

Heroin and other drugs play a MAJOR role in this movie. The consequences of the characters are real and harsh and the story that they tell make me feel as if I can easily just teleport into the scene and witness it with my own eyes. The cry for help throughout the time of this movie pains me because it does hit close to home, makes me want to tell these kids to think about their actions and how going after your vices can end badly. Seeing older people (the mother in this case) struggle or hurt in any way whether is be a movie or a TV Show or video hurts me too because I am a sensitive loser.

Though Harry (the son mentioned/main character) meant well with his good intentioned, yet illegal actions, he ends up in the worst spot possible for his situation and his loved ones not being able to help at all. His friends end up in similar situations and his mother ends up becoming sick.

On the surface, this film is mostly said to be about heroin. But I believe that “Requiem for a Dream” is truly about the broader themes of addiction and loneliness. The characters are all seeking ways to fill a void in their lives, and alter their realities to fit the dreams they’ve all made up for themselves in their head.

I recommend that those with a strong mind and stomach take the chance to watch this movie and share your own thoughts about it with me 🙂



  1. zeldalov364 says:

    Requiem for a Dream is such a great movie! I’ve always found it very funny that whenever you talk to people about this film they always say something along the lines of “Yeah, that movie was incredible, but I will NEVER watch it again” haha I’ve seen this movie a few times now and i agree with you that there there is something very captivating and beautiful about it. In your post you said that the beauty is in the “aspect of addiction”. I would never define addiction itself as something that is beautiful, but i do i believe that there is beauty in creating a piece of art that can properly convey the imprisonment that addiction puts us in and this film does just that. Outside of drug addiction loneliness, avoidance, and a desire to escape reality and be someone else are all emotions that we hate to feel, but as humans we have to endure nonetheless, so i think it is beautiful when an artist can take these uncomfortable emotions and make art out of it!

    P.S If you like this movie you should check out Trainspotting (1996) and Candy (2006)!


  2. kathydsimmons says:

    I don’t think I’d be able to watch this movie, but I do totally relate to being taken in by a movie and feeling like I could step right into it. Movies are such a powerful medium and I love being carried away by a good story or a compelling character.


  3. christopherpeakshsu says:

    This is one of my favorite movies, and we agree on the same point that highlights the aspect of addiction. For me it shows the physical and mental realities of substance addiction, and the dependency the body creates in order to feed the craving. A very extreme movie on the take of modern drugs which may seem gruesome to many. Your last paragraph “The characters are all seeking ways to fill a void in their lives, and alter their realities to fit the dreams they’ve all made up for themselves in their head.” is a great view of how this movie is shown, as the their sense of beauty has a requirement of a substance in order to escape their daily life.


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