Blog 1 Aesthetics

“Human sculpture” by Erich Michael Wilson

The beautiful object that I chose for this blog is from the sculptor Eric Michael Wilson called simply “Human sculpture.”  For me it was the expression of this sculpture that really grabbed my attention.  Of course, a muscular body is a beautiful thing, but I really like how the eye is drawn up to the expression on the face.  The sculpture almost looks as if he doesn’t want to be looked at.  I get the feeling that the man that is depicted has already been looked at and scrutinized over so many times, that he looks at the viewer with sorrow and disdain.  When I look at the sculpture, the feeling that I get from it is a little uncomfortable because I feel like an unwanted participant in his agony.  I almost feel like a hated spectator who is no different from anyone else who has looked at him.  Upon further reflection, however, I think that I find the sculpture beautiful because there is pain that is present.  Beauty is there in the features, but there is a hidden battle going on behind what the audience sees.  I’m not sure if it involved “purification” but I think it led me to the notion that where there is beauty there is also suffering.



  1. haleykeith1 says:

    Hey, I love the sculpture you chose for this assignment. You pointed out how the eyes are very expressive. I want to add that the position of the body is also very telling. You pointed out how it feels like we are intruding in a way and I absolutely agree. I would not have thought to connect this to the phrase “Beauty is pain,” but I think it is an excellent way to describe this. I think the expressiveness is so captivating because the statute itself has evidence of craftsmanship, while at the same time looking realistically human.


  2. kathydsimmons says:

    I love this sculpture! Thanks for introducing me to it. The depth of feeling is very intense. It makes me think of betrayal – – he seems comfortable enough with the person he’s looking at to show his emotion, but he looks so hurt and disgusted to me. I wonder what we bring of our own emotional baggage to the viewing of this work.


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