Blog Entry One

Botticelli, The Birth of Venus
See the painting here:
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Prompt: Our first unit, “The Ancients: Perception and the Movement of the Beautiful” has asked us to consider the ways in which the beautiful incites us through our senses to move toward objects of desire. This is based, we are learning through Plato’s dialogues, Symposium and Republic, in a human lack we are moved to fill so as to achieve – perhaps temporarily – a kind of immortality that acts as a balm to the wound of our originary finitude. And yet, the love that is moved by beauty is often considered mad, untamed, lustful, and so on, only to be eventually purified or restrained by ascending toward the higher, purportedly purer.

For this blog entry, your task is to consider having been moved by the beautiful. You must reflect on:

1) the beautiful object – what was it?

2) how you felt moved by it (was this the source of an erotic longing or did it arouse another sort of emotion, like anger, disgust, sadness, dread, etc.?)

3) the impact on you of having been moved (did it act as the spark to further action or reflection? If so, how [and did this involve a purification]? If not, why not [and in what precise way were you otherwise moved]?

Please include an image, sound bite***, video clip*** or poetic rendering (of the beauty of the object) in your own words to give your reader a sense of precisely what moved you.

***Please note that in order for audio and video to be fully accessible, sound bites, audio tracks, and video, should be accompanied by closed-captions (whenever possible) or documents detailing, for example, lyrics, details of action sequences, and/or dialogue.


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  1. Laura Rodriguez says:

    “In times of crisis the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.”
    – King Tachalla : Black Panther

    Before Chadwick Boseman passed, his role in Marvel’s movie, The Black Panther, his role created a big impact on me because his role as protector moved me and I saw him in me. It created an emotional connection between the riotous and his enemy. I wanted to be like him and lead by example as someone of color who was a hero, which I don’t see very often in the entertainment business. It sparked a movement for myself and it was more than enough for me as I continue to lead by his example.


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