Blog Entry #2

Zao Wou-Ki, Juin-Octobre (1985)

For my second blog post, I decided to share the above painting, titled Juin-Octobre, by Zao Wou-Ki. Although I am not a fan of the artist in particular, this painting caught my eye, in the sense that I couldn’t help but keep staring at it, because to me this is a representation of the beautiful. There is something about the colors and shapes in this painting that makes me instantly attracted to this painting. The best way I can explain this, is by using Kant’s third moment of the judgement of taste. In it, Kant states that in order for one to be qualified to judge a work of art, one needs to be indifferent or disinterested in the art that they are judging. “A judgement of taste on which charm and emotion have no influence (although they may be bound up with the satisfaction in the beautiful)–which therefore has its determining ground merely in the purposiveness of the form–is a pure judgement of taste” (page 296).


Even though, I was not able to find a proper critique on this painting in particular, the link I have provided below, takes you to a website that explains a bit more in detail the art, as well as the artist’s background, and his legacy.—How-2019-Could-be-a-Definin/1F7E3B0A2080D42C

One thing I would like to include is that the artist, Wou-Ki, though influenced by Chinese art, was even more so influenced by European art.

Counter argument

For this argument, as it relates to Kant’s third moment, one may argue that the work I have chosen for this post, is not totally disinterested. Nonetheless, I could argue that one needs not to be interested in a piece of artwork to find it beautiful.


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  1. Alyssa N. says:

    I really found the piece you shared to be extremely beautiful. I think this piece of art explains Kant’s third moment perfectly, because like you said it is hard to stop staring at. The disinterested pleasure I feel when I look at this painting is undeniable.


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