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Beauty in Film Blog 2

Something to keep in mind as a film major is the amount of cinema that is available to the eye and one film in particular. Although I do not really care for the overly satirized and commercialized holiday that Christmas has become, there is one commerical advertisement that I have become most fond of. It created a deep sense of want and the filmmaker who created it is a popular English film producer and film maker.

Mickalene Thomas, Portrait of Mnonja2010, rhinestones, acrylic, and enamel on wood panel, Smithsonian American Art Museum

This piece of art is considered one of many pieces that were collaborated by over 400 self taught artists. They are considering these pieces and this piece overall to be an excellent work of art that move those, and demonstrate the ability of African American artists. It then goes to show the influential artists who come up with different pieces to add to the collection.

To put this in the eyes of Kant, sweet, sweet Kant. We will have to discuss the analysis of the beautiful. To that we can go more into depth and say that “Taste is Aesthetical” To that I quote him from the textbook on Kant. ”In order to distinguish whether anything is beautiful or not, we refer to the representation, not by the understanding to the object for cognition but imagination to the subject and its feeling of pleasure or pain.” (Kant, 280-281). Would he think this art piece is beautiful? I would have to say no.

Reason being that I would argue that Kant would find this piece moving is because of who the artist is, because they are self taught, also because he believes that we cannot just see art by simply stating that it is beautiful.

In terms of aesthetical taste, I would like to say that this art piece to me, and not thinking like a Kantist, my emotions run like a faucet whose handle has broken and can no longer close. There is a multitude of patterns and the way that the woman is sitting is very alluring. Her hot pink pumps rest on the arm of the sofa she sits in and her manicured hand rests on the tip of her knees almost seductively. It is to me, obviously pleasing to the eye and while Kant might argue that the way I look at this piece is the incorrect way- “If a determination of the feeling of pleasure or pain is called sensation, this expression signifies something quite different from what I mean when I call the representation of a thing – sensation.” (Kant, 283)

I believe one counter arguement that could be said that the classical artist will forever be more “elegant” , ”fine” , and ”endearing”. Simply because of the Techniques used, the amount of time spent to be classically trained, and where the artist studied in order to become an expert and said art. Well this art piece to me speaks to me, those who do not value the skills and talents of many who have practiced their entire lives, those opinions to me do not matter. Why? Simply due to it being part of a collection for thousands to see, and continue to appreciate it’s value. There is technique, there is an eye for the subject, and a depth in the story that it is telling me, it does not change simply because Kant wants me to. IT IS ART FOR THE SOUL! The vibrancy, and would rather see something new and creative constructed out of other materials to stimulate my sense of touch as I look at this piece.


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