Gravity Falls

LOVED THIS!! I’m so glad someone else feels the same way I do about this show 🙂

Aesthetics at Sam Fall 2021

This was a difficult choice to make. There is so much beauty in the world! I saw how people chose animals, paintings, books… I love all of these and adore this window into their world so that I can enjoy their perspective and bring a bit of that into my own. I put this off, waiting for the right inspiration to hit. Time growing shorter and shorter, I had a generic idea to fall back on – and I was more than halfway through writing it out, though I wouldn’t have been happy with it. After work and putting the kiddo to bed, I turned on the TV looking for my comfort shows when there it was – one of my all-time favorites. Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls is a Disney cartoon that starts off a bit goofy, but quickly jumps into the realm of conspiracy theory, inter-dimensional threats, magical possibilities…

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  1. kathydsimmons says:

    My kids LOVE this show and they all wanted their own copy of Journal 3 – so we have 3 of them. :). I have only seen little bits here and there – I’ve never watched a full episode, but now I’m super intrigued.

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