Blog Entry Two:

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Blue and Yellow (1932), Oil on Canvas, Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Now that we have begun our work on Kant’s Critique of Judgment, we are beginning to understand what, for Kant, constitutes a judgment of the beautiful.

Focusing in on one moment in the judgment of the beautiful (of your choosing) select an image of art*** – it can be a painting, a sculpture, an installation, a film still, a short video, a piece of music, etc. – and make a case as to why the work of art you have selected could be declared to be beautiful by a judgment of taste (of course not everyone will concur, For Kant it is always a question of whether you, the one who presents the work, could demand that they ought to). Your response must:

  • present a selected work of art that you will argue could be judged to be beautiful (please include an image, link, or explanation)
  • find and share a work of art criticism (a journal article, an online blog, an Art Forum piece, etc. from 1990-present) that addresses your chosen artwork and zero in on the author’s argument. Are they arguing this is an exemplary work of art? A failure to be a work of art? Beautiful? Thought provoking? Problematic? Tell us what you take to be the heart of their critique of the work. You should post a link to your article or a bibliographic reference if the article is not accessible online.
  • make a case for the beauty of the work of art by appeal to one moment that Kant argues constitutes a judgment of the beautiful. To do so,you will need to explain (and cite by reference to page number in PAB) the moment you have chosen; note that all blog entries must involve at least one reference to the Kant text
    • you will need to demonstrate, by critically exploring your chosen work of art, how it exemplifies that key element
    • you will need to explore one counter argument (which may come from your critic, but does not have to); how would someone who might disagree with you object? how would you answer to that objection? does it change your assessment of your chosen work of art? how/why?

You may use the following as resources for mining art images, seeking inspiration, or getting a better sense of the contemporary moment in the art world (though the example you choose needn’t be contemporary):,,,, and You might also check out for a list of worldwide exhibitions happening at present. It is also a great store of images.

***Please note that in order for audio and video to be fully accessible, sound bites, audio tracks, and video, should be accompanied by closed-captions (whenever possible) or documents detailing, for example, lyrics, details of action sequences, and/or dialogue.



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