Action Is Beauty

I believe that action shots are their own source of beauty.

The Link above will take you to a critical article over Criticism of Pablo Picasso’s painting entitled “Guernica” Essay here you will read and come to the understanding that the writer determines Picassos work of art played a “pivotal role in society”. Here the author notes that Guernica is among the best antiwar artworks in the world. Picasso’s painting acts as a reminder and a warning to the tragedies brought about by war and violence. It played a significant role in sensitizing the world about the pain and suffering that was being experienced by Spaniards during the civil wars in Spain. And while Picassos Guernica wasn’t necessarily an action shot it led to action throughout Spain.

With Reference to Kant in The Judgement of Taste is Aesthetical where he explains; “In order to distinguish whether anything id beautiful or not; we refer the representation, not by the understanding to the object for cognition, but by the imagination (perhaps in conjunction with the understanding) to the subject and its feelings of pleasure or pain. I believe that the work of art that I have chosen exemplifies this key element as described by Kant, because on a personal level I find looking at these photos to give me great pleasure, so for me I find action photos beautiful. But for many action photos and horses don’t provide them pleasure. Many people are scared of horses, and Kant even state you can make a judgement from pain, in a sense fear could be considered pain.


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  1. Alyssa N. says:

    I really like your take on action shots. I also seem to find pleasure in pieces of art that seem to come alive. I think this relates to Kant’s third moment as well, in the way that actions shots incite curiosity within people. I also like how you made clear that you have to be disinterested in order to judge a piece of art as beautiful.


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