Blog Entry #1: Get You

Get You by Daniel Caesar

Get You music video screenshots with the album cover

Lyrics to Daniel Caesar Get You

The beautiful object I choose had to be a personal favorite of mine which is Get You by Daniel Caesar from his album Freudian. Since this R&B/Soul classic came out in 2016 I’ve felt moved by the song’s ability to reflect on past relationships and truly adoring the person that you’ve fell in love with. The song and music video are centered around the beautiful praise of a love that you didn’t think you deserved at the time. For example, the music video captures this essence of beauty/love by portraying classical art, the setting being in a ballroom covered with hanging crystal chandeliers, and showing a mixed variety of people expressing their love for each other. Being in a 7 year relationship, now engaged to my fiancé. This song truly resonates with me because it puts me in a place where I’m continuously being present in the moment to the point that the world literally slows down and I have to ask myself “how did I discover this love?”


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