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For my blog entry #2 for a piece of art I find beautiful is an album called Swimming By Mac Miller. One reason I find this album to be beautiful is because of the journey that Mac took his listeners through all while giving them a glance and taste of his experiences right before his untimely death. The album as a whole felt as if this was Mac’s last gift before his departing and it truly conveyed his feelings and acceptance of what I believed he knew was going to come. I believe the moment(s) that relate most to Mac Miller Swimming album is Moment(s) 1 & 4. The reason I believe it relates to Moment 1 because the album as a whole gives me “Pleasure” a feeling of not only grief but as well as a feeling of overwhelming astonishment and over devastation because of the thought that such an immense talent was loss. “Taste is the faculty of judging of an object or a method of representing it by an entirely disinterested satisfaction or dissatisfaction” (286). Along with moment 1, moment 4 was demonstrated just by the pure fact of stating how beautifully written and created this album was.

This is irrelevant to the blog but Mac Miller had such a aura and vibe about him that was felt through his music or whatever he created. So those who listened to him could relate and feel his presence through it. Whenever he passed this album felt like a grief process between Mac and his Fans.

In the article above the author presents the situation that was occurring in Mac’s life and how they believed it was conveyed through the song tracks from the album. The author tries to deep dive into the thought process of Mac and how each track was created. The article gives it’s reader a lot of thought provoking ideas on the album but as well as but not necessarily harsh criticism however it was filled with back handed compliments comparing Mac’s work to be less than those of his musical comrades “Miller remains a step behind the prestige artists he emulates—Chance the Rapper, Anderson.Paak, and, increasingly, Frank Ocean, whose nonchalant songcraft looms large here. Swimming is less virtuosic than those artists’ recent works, but no less heartfelt.”

For those who might argue that this album isn’t beautiful from just first glance of something like the cover. I argue that if you take a deeper look and understand the sublime message of just the cover you can get a glimpse of why this album is actually genius and beautifully crafted. If you take a look at the front cover of the album you’d see Mac to be sitting in with dirty soles and a grim look on his face. Notice that he seems to be sitting in something that is similar to a elevator and the window shows what looks like to be clouds. With that being sad it alludes to the idea that he is taking the elevator up to heaven or at least and elevator that is no longer here on earth. With this thought in mind you gain an idea of how this album could sound like, that this album is something of acceptance of what soon to come for Mac. However many will not think of this the same which is understandable and it doesn’t affect my thought process of how this is a beautiful art piece.

Here’s a example of how Mac created such an amazing piece of Art !


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