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Onement VI" by Barnett Newman is on dis - Инстрейд Застрахователен брокер
Onement VI by Barnett Newman

The example the film makes that intersects with Berger’s Ways of Seeing, is that art is no longer about the physical representation of someone’s creative expression but about the status that comes with owning it. Berger makes it clear that the minority ruling class use mystification to keep art away from the common observer. To “gatekeep” it in a way. They remove the accessibility, therefore removing its meaning from everyone else. A painting is no longer a painting, but a special item that only few are allowed to see.

To what extent should art be held ethically accountable? I don’t think art can even be held ethically accountable, it’s just a physical creation, it’s not sentient, it cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. There should be lines drawn, the subject of the painting shouldn’t be put in harms way specifically for the painting.

To what extent should art and capital be encouraged to co-mingle? I think they should be encouraged to a certain extent. Artists should be able to make money off of their art. Also, like it’s said in the documentary, “if a Rembrandt or a Da Vinci or a Bruegel weren’t regarded as ‘priceless,’ then it wouldn’t survive through the centuries.” If there wasn’t value placed on these pieces, there’s a good chance we wouldn’t still have them today.

I agree with the common argument between the text and the film, the art world has become corrupt. The exorbitant prices of one piece leads to a push for other artists to churn out more and more art, even if it burns them out. This in itself goes against what art is really for. Art is for expression and emotion, if you force these things you’ll find yourself emptier and emptier as time goes on.



  1. kathydsimmons says:

    “The art world has become corrupt…” To a certain extent I see what you’re saying here – the minority ruling controllers of art show the corrupted underpinnings of the art market – but I do think some art, when playing by the rules of the game as they are now, is still a good investment if you can find your way into the market in the first place. I think the gallery owners are more corrupt than anyone else – they make the money that the artists should be making, and they do everything in their power to increase the “value” of art for their own gain. I still think most creators of art aren’t corrupt though and some collectors aren’t – they’re just finding one more way to grow their wealth, which is something we would all do if we could…


  2. anyecolbert says:

    Hello, this was a really good post! I see can definitely see where you’re coming from with your opinion on how art and capital co-mingle.


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